Should I wish my ex a happy birthday?

My ex and I dated for a year, he didn't treat good after that he left me saying he wants to live his youth and I will be always his first choice for marriage and he will still be in love with me, but after that he started ignoring me and treating me badly I bagged him for too long but he didn't want me back so I gave up after five months a girl sent me screen shots about how he is talking about me, that he hated the relationship and that he wasn't 100% with me, I faced him he said he was sorry I blocked him on Facebook and turned off my phone after three weeks I turned on my phone he called and said sorry I forgave him and added him on Facebook again he said he wanted me again I told him I have to think, after a week I told him I can't be with him because I am afraid he would do the same thing to me, he said he wasn't sure too and he was afraid to hurt me again so let's be friends, since then we didn't talk he started ignoring me again. Tomorrow is his birthday should I wish him a happy birthday?
Should I wish my ex a happy birthday?
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