My ex is reaching out to me, but Im confused if he just wants to be friends or more?

My ex broke up with me few months back because he was feeling depressed (because of personal problems) and also because we knew that we had to go our separate ways in January. He is moving to another state and Im going home to another country. This was hard for me and he would tell me that he didn't want a relationship but he still has feelings for me.

I miss him so much, so I started reaching out to him, just to talk. I know he still cares about me. I invited him to my houseparty and he showed up even though he could only stay for one hour. We didn't talk that much but I was still very happy he came.
A few days ago he called me asking me if I wanted to get food with him. He wanted to pay for my food even though I told him no. But he said that I had bought a lot of things for him in the past. I thought we were only going to get food but we ended up spending the whole day together. Everytime we sat down in the car I thought he was going to drive me home but he didn't he just took me with him to the places he needed to go.
We went back to his place and we were sitting in his living room talking when all of the sudden he was like "Im going to go into my room". I followed him into his room when he laid down in his bed. I sat down on the chair next to it. I really wanted to lay down next to him but that would have been so awkward if he didn't want anything more than being friends.
I don't care if we go back to a boyfriend/girlfriend, I just want him close and to spend more time with him. I feel like he is sending me mixed signals but at the same time I know that I overanalyze stuff. Im scared if I try to "make a move" he will turn me down.

One time before this time he called to hang out and I said that I was going to change my clothes to which he replied "its not a date". But this time he didn't even mentioned it.
He has told me in the past that he wants to be friends, and I've told him that Im not sure if I can do that or not. I dont know whats going through his mind.
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I met him two days ago.. how long before I can reach out to him again? Without looking two needy..
My ex is reaching out to me, but Im confused if he just wants to be friends or more?
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