What does my ex's actions mean?

So my ex and I were together for only about 3 months and he recently broke up with me because he said I was starting to do some of the same things his ex did (He was with her for 3 or 4 years). At the beginning we had the best connection ever we always joked and laughed with each other and went out on dates and everything was always so light hearted and fun. Recently like the last couple weeks of our relationship everything was different we were arguing and he's the type of person who shuts down so if he feels like I'm being to argumentive he simply won't reply or acknowledge anything which I never understood this so it only caused me to get angrier and I'm the type where my temper has always been a problem and I can say some irrational and outlandish stuff. He told me that we don't even have fun anymore like we use to and he didn't want to go through the same thing he went through with his last relationship. He seemed really upset about me being upset about the break up I could tell he didn't want to see me upset he kept saying "it wasn't suppose to end this way" and "why do you say what you say when your upset" he was asking if we could be friends and even joking that I was still probably gonna drunk text him and come over like I've done plenty of times before. It's only been a couple days since we broke up going on day 3 and we haven't communicated at all during this time except he's liked a lot of my stuff on Facebook more then he use to before. He liked one of my pictures that I posted I got all dressed up and took cute pictures just to make me feel better (but he usually likes my pictures so that's nothing special) but he also was liking a few of my shared post that I shared specifically cause of the breakup. What does this mean? If given time do you think we could rekindle things I agree when he says we lost the fun that we use to have but maybe after sometime focusing on myself and my insecurities and temper problem.. I don't know
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The reason I'm wondering is because even though our relationship was short there's no denying the connection we had at the beginning everybody use to tell us before we even started dating. He let me meet two of his children (he has 3 total 2 baby mothers) so I felt we were doing ok. Then things just went downhill over petty stuff like not texting back and me thinking that that means something then it would escalate bigger than the original issue.
What does my ex's actions mean?
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