Healthy ways to cope with bad breakup?

I honestly haven't been dealing with this breakup very well.


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  • Go completely no-contact.

    Block them on all social media, delete their contact details, delete any messages from them, and don't snoop.

    You must cut them completely out of your life. Don't contact them at all.

    Now is the time to work on yourself. Whether it's improving your mind - reading, education - or your health - exercise, sport etc - make everything about you.

    But you must not have anything to do with that person.

    Good luck!

    • That's going to be a challenge but I'm willing to try it. Thanks

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    • As long as you're sure about it, then I'm happy for you.

    • Yes. Thank you. I wanted to get back with him. I'm glad he decided to give us another chance.

  • Rediscover a old hobby or a new hobby. Try going out and start to talk to new people. It helps me take my mind off my ex for a little bit.

  • Find something more positive to put energy into and distract you

    • Now I have to find that positive thing. Lol

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