Ex boyfriend who dumped me without words sent email after 3months. What to do?

We've been together 2years.
After some argument, my ex boyfriend has ghosted like he always used to. I waited and tried to contact. He ignored me on Whatsapp, it was so painful watching him keep changing profile picture, ignoring my messages, deleting my old love post from wall on facebook. After two weeks of waiting and trying, i gave up. Yea, this ghosting was real. He's gone without saying goodbye.
After three months now, he sent email with subject : something i need to do...

What the hell? "Something i need to do.."? Is he kidding me?
I didn't open the email actually yet, but have read first two sentences by preview. He wants to explain why.

I know him, he just wants to relieve his guilt and sugar coat on what he did to me.

I won't forgive him as i was in hell.. I even quit my job and visited psychologist. I couldn't live normal life. He gave me horrible pain.

So many feelings come and go in my mind now.

I don't wanna make him feel relieve at all. Then should i ignore or reply what i wanna say in bad words or in polite way?


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  • If his actions caused you this much pain then you need to look after yourself first. If allowing him to explain re-opens that wound then do not do it. The proper time to explain would have been when he left. He had his chance and he botched it.


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  • He's using you as plan B and a booty call. Don't reply and DELETE and BLOCK him EVERYWHERE.

    Then you learn from this experience and never let it happen again.


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  • I want to know what his explanation was. This happened to me and I never got an honest reason. It was the worst pain.

  • "I don't wanna make him feel relieve at all."

    That's really an unhealthy narcissistic way of thinking about it.

    Just don't reply.

  • I would move on. 3 months is a bit late


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