Advice on cheating ex?

Can anyone help give me advice on how to get over someone I loved who cheated on me?

my boyfriend went to ayia Napa on a lads holiday and broke up with me 2 days after he got back. This was 3 weeks ago and I've now found out he slept with 2 girls over there and he has now gone from Cardiff to Dublin to stay with one of the girls for the weekend. I'm hurting really bad as I loved him so much and he broke my heart and broke my trust


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  • just show him that you have a life don't focus on what you feel about him show him via Facebook or something that you have a new boyfriend and u feel good...

    • We've blocked eachother on social media

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    • What do you mean?

    • avenge yourself that's what u should do right now

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  • I'm kinda going through the same right now. I know how it feels.
    Trust me its gonna come back to him and bite him in the ass.
    You gotta move on and get over him.
    First block him in social media and delete all his memories. NO CONTACT.
    Stay busy and do the things that you love to do go shopping, get some new outfits, play games, dance or hang out with friends and many more.
    IT WILL TAKE TIME to get over it. BE PATIENT.
    I don't think rebound can help at the moment.
    Someday you're gonna find the right person who will be loyal to you.
    Good luck. Stay strong.


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  • Well, just live your life. Forget about him and go on a solo vacation where you can explore some country, or go with your female friends ( if you have any)

  • Just focus on the fact that he's a hurtful cheating bastard.

    • Imrhats what I'm trying to do but I can't help but think that if I was different he wouldn't of done it

    • You're wrong. Of course he would have. And why the fuck would you want to be different at all, let alone for a cheater?

  • Ireland sounds really nice.
    Yeah hjmm.
    get over it and move on from that klutz.

  • Oh you break up with him

  • I had a girl do that to me but we got back together like a year later

    • I don't think that will happen as he don't love me

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    • She said her reason for cheating an Breaking up with me was my small penis size an that I was bad at sex

    • Yes we were like best friends and did everything together

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