Is there a chance he will get back with me?

My ex and I had been together a year, we lived together and we had an amazing relationship we honestly were really happy. Recently he moved back home for a 8 month job and we decided to do long distance. A week in he broke up with me because he said he wasn't motivated to text me/he didn't feel the same anymore and that he didn't know why (but obviously still really cared). It has nothing to do with another girl, he honestly just missed having his own time and hanging out with friends back home. Our last conversation ended with me unfortunately forcing him to answer me on whether or not he thinks we might get back together in the future. He said he couldn't possibly know because who can tell the future but if I wanted an answer then right now no he doesn't see us getting back together.
Honestly if he hadn't moved back home I am almost positive we would still be together right now. From a guys perspective is there any hope of him wanting me back?

Also I have been doing the 30 day no contact rule, so far on week 2 and he hasn't tried to contact me yet.

Is there a chance he will get back with me?
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