Has my boyfriend replaced me for his friend?

I feel as though my boyfriend has no time for me anymore. Ever since he got a new job with an old friend all he ever seems to do is hang pit with him after work, we live together and love 45 minutes from his work place. We have been together for almost 2 years and he never used to brush me off like he does now. Sometimes he doesn't bother to come home and his dinner is usually thrown in the bin. Everytime I try to bring up this matter I'm always told that I need to get over it but if it was the other way round there is absolutely no way he would be okay with me doing it. It doesn't matter which way I try to approach it things aren't getting better. When it was his friends birthday he did everything in his power to see him for it but its our anniversay of 2 years in a few days and he hasn't bothered to acknowledge it. I just feel like I'm being led on and constantly let down.
Has our relationship come to an end? I feel like the spark has disappeared and I am often forgotten about or put second. Just wanna know my opinions and if its worth it
Has my boyfriend replaced me for his friend?
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