Will he ever regret how he acts?

I did a lot for him and I know I could do better, but I've always been in love with him. I met him 3 years ago, he was just a pothead who said he wanted to be a rapper but never tried to achieve it. We broke up because he had no goals or motivation. He came back 7 months after apologising, he's so sorry for how he treated me and he regrets everything. I forgave him as I still loved him. I helped him see his potential and pushed him to chase his dreams. I boosted his ego every day, I thought he was perfect. I tried to help him stop relying on weed as a remedy for his depression, stress, and difficulty sleeping. I helped change his life around. But it failed because he would take his anger out on me and shout constantly, blaming me for his failure.

He came back a year later. Saying sorry, how all I ever wanted to do was show him his potential and he took his depression out on me, that I've changed his life, I'm the best thing to happen to him and he's an idiot for screwing it up every time, he's chasing his dreams because of me, his head is in a wrong place and he got scared because I run a successful business and it was pressure to live up to it. The girl he was with after me got him into cocaine (also smashed his laptop and phone with all of his work and music on it, faked pregnancy & blackmailed him). I helped him love life again without the drugs but his friends influenced him back into it. I got him out of depression, he told me every day how much he wants me, how incredible I am & I'm the best to happen to him. It was honestly going perfect, we had no intention of liking each other again I just wanted friendship but before I knew it we liked each other again. Before he completely freaked out again, told me he's scared and self conscious and can't do this, and he has cut me off again over nothing. I didn't fight it, I didn't want drama so I just didn't contact him again.

Will he regret his ways one day? I know I can never accept him back again though ):


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  • No he is just using you because you make him feel better and you encourage him. He won't regret it. He might apologies for it but he won't regret it.
    He will miss you but he won't regret his actions. He will probably blame you for leaving his sorry but.

    • I suppose at least he might miss me, that makes me feel a little better for wasting so many years! He's returned so many times so I guess if he does it again I just have to ignore. He won't find anybody else to help him like I did so he will see one day ): thank you for responding

    • Your welcome. I wish you good luck healing from that.

What Girls Said 2

  • wow, such a lot you have given with such insight, if you really took the time to re read your own words here it says it all, you are a giver in life and believer in people seeing the good and that is a rare gift my friend, even after all that has happened between you, you still see the good in him you ask one main question will he regret his ways one day? if we call it something more positive, in his life he will always remember you as a girl who was amazing and saw his best and tried her best to promote his potential, that is a fact, when he's down he may regret losing the best thing that ever happened to him, or when he's happy and done great in life he may think a lot of that is down to you starting off his self belief. the connection you have is no doubt real and meant to be, as a giver type soul you have to learn from this that you have massive potential to give even to your own detriment at times, this is your lesson for your future, be wise who you choose to be with because you can attract the drains of this world and because you can't help to see such good in them they can take advantage, whereas this young man appreciates how awesome you are, appreciates what you see in him, however, he has had to admit how it scares him because you see and believe what he can be more than he is ready to himself, this also shows you something to look for in a future connection, i can totally relate to your story and I've found in life we can have several ltr and connections and im ok with that despite the heart breaks because as long as im learning and evolving myself and my spirit and trying to keep my inner self that sees the best in people til the day i die thats good enough for me, id rather live my whole life that way and even be taken advantage of than grow old and bitter and shut down... i sense you have a very special purpose in this life.. and i bet you already feel that? xx

    • Thank you for your thoughtful response! You sound like you are a really kind and caring person and I appreciate your insight as you seem to be able to relate to what has happened! I'm glad I made an impact on his life, I just wish he wouldn't treat me so bad and could regret his actions. I'm sure in due time maybe he will xx

    • a final thought if you never have had this consideration, again coming from experience, in no way making any assumptions either, have a look into narcissistic behaviours, i mention it because as a giver type persona its often hard to relate to very different behaviours in others for instance your inner deal with him coming to terms with his actions, when a positive healthy energy is expressed towards another promoting good ideally, this person would have much less doubt of their own mind set and intentions because of their conscience, a taker who does really know their potential and sees and appreciates a givers lift and energy, has only one way to go when they are down and frustrated, outwardly for every moment they direct outward they dont have to deal inwardly with themselves... as great as his potential is and i believe you, you have had a lucky escape and learned a valuable lesson, radiators and drains, you are a radiator, giving outwardly providing warmth and heat and comfort xx

    • Thank you! I just read into narcissism and those lists of 'these are the traits' he ticked every single box. He's an awful person and would cut me off in the middle of my sentence to talk about himself all the time, so when he tries to return again I can just say no and he will soon see what he lost! Thank you for all your help xx

  • You did the right thing by not contacting him again.

    In all honesty , I don't think he will regret it. Most people are of loyal to their own priorities, once their priories change then do their feelings and loyalties. He only looks out for his own self interests. People like that rarely regret how they mistreat people and use them.

    Just cut your losses and learn a lesson from it. Never extend your kindness to anyone who doesn't apprecaiet it


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