Will he ever regret how he acts?

I did a lot for him and I know I could do better, but I've always been in love with him. I met him 3 years ago, he was just a pothead who said he wanted to be a rapper but never tried to achieve it. We broke up because he had no goals or motivation. He came back 7 months after apologising, he's so sorry for how he treated me and he regrets everything. I forgave him as I still loved him. I helped him see his potential and pushed him to chase his dreams. I boosted his ego every day, I thought he was perfect. I tried to help him stop relying on weed as a remedy for his depression, stress, and difficulty sleeping. I helped change his life around. But it failed because he would take his anger out on me and shout constantly, blaming me for his failure.

He came back a year later. Saying sorry, how all I ever wanted to do was show him his potential and he took his depression out on me, that I've changed his life, I'm the best thing to happen to him and he's an idiot for screwing it up every time, he's chasing his dreams because of me, his head is in a wrong place and he got scared because I run a successful business and it was pressure to live up to it. The girl he was with after me got him into cocaine (also smashed his laptop and phone with all of his work and music on it, faked pregnancy & blackmailed him). I helped him love life again without the drugs but his friends influenced him back into it. I got him out of depression, he told me every day how much he wants me, how incredible I am & I'm the best to happen to him. It was honestly going perfect, we had no intention of liking each other again I just wanted friendship but before I knew it we liked each other again. Before he completely freaked out again, told me he's scared and self conscious and can't do this, and he has cut me off again over nothing. I didn't fight it, I didn't want drama so I just didn't contact him again.

Will he regret his ways one day? I know I can never accept him back again though ):
Will he ever regret how he acts?
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