Why Does My Ex Want To Be Friends?

We dated for like two weeks lol but we had a very strong bond. He decided to end things.

He now told me he misses me (a week later) and that he wants to be my friend. I dont want to be his friend because I really like him. He said it's "hard to say goodbye, you're so beautiful".

Why would he want to be friends? Why would he miss me if he ended things and doesn't want to be with me?
I told him i couldnt by the way because i really liked him, so its completely over..


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  • Because he really likes you as a person overall because your a good woman in general. But he realizes that he can't ever have a dating relationship with you anymore because you two don't work. While your not over him, he is over you, but love stye company as he knows your still a good person at heart. But if you can't deal with him in general, just leave him alone. Some ex's can be good friends, just not lovers. And many cannot. My father has one ex that is a true friend to him for years, but they will never get back together. I'm sure that despite your differences you two are still good people are heart. You can't let something bad destroy something else that could be. But this "you're so beautiful" is a no-no. Because for him, he sounds like he wants to string you along.

    • The "you're so beautiful", which he kept repeating in our break up, makes me feel like he's just indecisive about being with me, and being my "friend" is a way too keep me around anyway. He probably knows thats the stuff that gets to my feelings..

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    • @timmy111 haha I feel smart now. Thanks

    • You did well...
      Sometimes, people just are not sure of what they want, especially when they are young.
      Don't let yourself feel any negativity about it, it happens

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  • He takes you for granted. Be strong sis, be strong.

    • Thank you. I told him we can't be friends anyway so i guess its over lol

  • just say goodbye
    It takes time to get over someone


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