Girl wants to be friends after breaking up with me, but is acting strange?

So my girlfriend broke up with me, wasn't mutual and over an argument. Tried everything to resolve the argument but she chose breaking up rather than resolving the issue cause it was "too stressful". So, I was hurt and now I'm over it. However, she said she really cares about me and wants to be friends. I do want to be friends too.

However, she is now acting really weird. I try to talk to her and I get these cryptic one word texts where it feels like she's not completely blowing me off but making it practically making it impossible to make conversation. She says she's busy, she ll text back later when I know she's not, she has completely ignored me a couple times unless I follow up then makes some BS excuse why she got distracted and forgot to text back. I also straight up texted her and said you wanted to be friends but your behavior and your signals are really confusing to me. She responded back "Yes I'm sorry". WTF is that supposed to mean? It's like she acknowledged she's being confusing. I said well let's talk about what's troubling you or why you don't want to talk to me. She never responded.

So anyhow, I wanna be friends with this girl but only true friends. I'm slightly angry she broke up over text and if she truly cares about me and wants to be friends, I wanna talk about things on the phone or in person. She is hiding behind text messages. If she just wants to keep me around as an option and if what she said is BS, then I'm not interested. I do not need anymore flaky female friends either. She is being vague, short, and cryptic with her texts and ignoring me when I force her into a corner where she can't be. But, yet gives me enough there to keep me around. I don't get it.
Girl wants to be friends after breaking up with me, but is acting strange?
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