I broke up with him, worst mistake of my life, now I desperately want him back, please give advice?

Hi all,

I got back with my ex boyfriend of 2 years after a 7 month split and we had been together for about 4/5 weeks and things were finally amazing between us again, just like they used to be.

One night we went out for some drinks with all of our friends and safe to say too much alcohol was had and we ended up having one of the biggest arguments of our lives, if not our biggest and some horrible things were said and done, one of which was me breaking up with him quite a few times over and over and telling him to f off home etc (we do long distance). Normally we ignore each other for a while or block each other on social media for however long it takes but maximum we've gone without talking is a few days.

Safe to say I really hurt him and made him angry because the went back to Holland the next day without talking or seeing me, it's now been 5 times days and I've tried texting, calling, emailing, facetiming him everyday and he has blocked me on everything and won't talk to me AT ALL.

He just says to our friends it's over and he is confused and really hurt and they said he all needs time and space and he will come around and me messaging him is making it worse, give him time alone to get over it and he will message me when he's ready.

He was supposed to be coming back to Spain in 2 weeks but apparently he probably isn't now either.

How can I get him back the fastest? Is it best to stop trying to contact him and just give him his time and space to get over it and give him time to miss me once I stop bugging him.

Just any advice on how to cope with this or situations that have happened to you or the best ways to get him to miss me faster or just anything will be helpful please. I just miss him so much and need him back and I will NEVER jeopardise it again.

I know I've made things a lot worse by badgering him the last week non stop and that would have pushed him away which will take longer in him messaging me so I've stopped that immediately.

Thanks all


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  • I'm sorry to say it, but I don't think there is something you can do or say to speed up the process, he really needs time to realize that he misses you too, and it's quite difficult to miss someone who is badgering you, know what I mean?
    I think similar situations to this one will
    Happen again, and you need to learn how to
    Deal with them in a way that doesn't devastate your relationship, just give him some time and he might come around.
    Lastly try to keep yourself busy in the mean time, best of luck to you!!

    • Thank you that's good advice :) time is the only thing I guess!

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  • There's a very real possibility he doesn't want to go back, also considering you two broke up before. Some things you say have consequences, alcohol or no alcohol, you can learn from this experience so you never make the same mistake again with another guy.

    • I know and I am really paying for it now and will never do it again. He was saying literally the same day before we went out how we're moving in together in a few months and we're family and soulmates and the only one he has ever seen and ever will see a future with.

      Surely that can't all go after one night?

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    • You have to give him some pause to breath, at least a week or so. Then you can try to write him a heartfelt letter explaining how sorry you are. The most important thing is making it clear you respect him and are not just trying to take advantage of his soft spot for you and that if he forgives you you will be grateful to him and not continue to push his boundaries. There's no guarantee he will forgive you or take you back though.

    • Thanks very much

  • I was broken up in Monday... I feel so sad. My heart is broken... ten months relationship... just because a new guy in her university...😖why White girls are always unstable in relation...


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  • This 'advice' of mine is probably to be super obvious, but leave him alone. You know that he needs time and space, so respect that. After that you can only hope


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