Girls, If your boyfriends business was having trouble would you bail?

Story as follows..

* I met a girl oversees this year
* she's divorced, wasn't clear on divorce but said she didn't love guy
* Plan was I wanted her to move over to UK where I live, she was considering it
* She did ask if i could move out there, I said it would be too hard becuase of business.
* she had a decent job for many years -also helping to support family so not easy for her to leave.
* She had a sweet nature and was very drawn to her. She didn't do drama
* I had a go at her once or twice in short time, couple of month, and she didn't like
* 2 things led to break up (I think) had a go at her over phone which she didn't like despite me apologising
* a week later (and without thinking) I told her my business was having trouble and gave her impression it could fall in after many years. Was probably a bit dramatic and its ok now, but thats what she thought. She was friendly and supportive in conversation.
* A few days after that, she tearily broke up with me on phone. Like she didn't want to/didnt want to cut contact but 'felt she couldnt move' not giving exact reason.
* I called her bluff a few weeks later when we spoke again and I said I would move for her. Suprisingly she told me it was better i didn't as it reminded her of ex husband who did the same and struggled financial/to get his foot in the door in her country. She mentioned he had business and it was in trouble for doing that and I shouldn't risk it.

I just wanted to know from the minds of other girls here.. if you were in her position would you have been scarred off by business comment? would the 'having a go at her' have done it?

Or do you think she just general lost interest. Im sure no other guy was involved as I found she had re-livened her dating profile a week after we finished.

by 'Bail' i meant would you leave..


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What Girls Said 2

  • No way! I'd only consider bailing a guy out if I was actually married to him

    I have a kind nature , but I'm not a pushover. It's not my responsibily to bail a guy out when we aren't in a "real " relationship.

    Everything about the whole situation would cause me to back off.

    A lot of girls will end it with a guy if he reminds her of an ex. They don't want to go through similar circumstances as they went through in the past. They've probably fought hard to get over the past , so they don't want to revisit that but with someone new. It's totally understandable

    • HI Razzle Dazzle, sorry but that wasn't what I meant by 'Bail'. I meant would you leave the relationship :) .. let me know.

    • I wouldn't leave him because he was in financial difficulty. It can happen to anyone , but if i didn't know him that well, I'd be cautious.. in case his intention was for me to bail him out. So really i guess it would depend on how well i knew him.

  • Probably the mixture of you having a go put doubts in her head


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