How should a guy cut off the "other girl"?


This question isn't for me, but for my guy friend.

My male friend has been "in a relationship" with a woman for about 4yrs now. Things recently got shaky and they both agreed to having an open relationship (which I'm sure she is not really ok with). Soon after, he met a woman and has been seeing her for about 5mo now. In the beginning, he really liked this woman and saw himself leaving his girlfriend for her (the girl is aware of his girlfriend) But as time went by he realized she isn't really the one for him and he wants to stick it out with his girlfriend.

The problem is this woman is madly in love with him now and he has no idea how to cut it off with her. He says she's a nice girl so he doesn't want to hurt her too bad. How should he go about this? I've attached a photo on where their conversation last left off
How should a guy cut off the

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I forgot to note he is in the white text :)
How should a guy cut off the "other girl"?
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