Confusing situation with ex, decoding him?

So we broke up in April. Had a brief but amazing relationship where we connected and was very happy with each other. He was stressed from no job closed off from everyone and then told me he was not feeling how he thought he should feel at the point in our relationship and if he would ever., It was a shock bc before he was telling me how much i meant to him etc. Since the bu he has made inital contact. We have slept together over the summer a few times. I also had to work with him in August where everyone could tell there was something between us bc we kept looking at each other. Well he came to tell me one night that it wasn't a good idea to sleep together anymore as it was unfair to both of us. Well it didn't last as it happened again and then once again he told me the same thing. He said we should stay friends without anything else bc its unfair.
I stopped contact but then a few weeks later he texted asking if we were still talking. We talked for 4 days and he asked why i was out late one night thinking i was partying. He told me to hang if i wanted so we did but sure enough we wound up having sex. He then again! texted me the next day. He told me he knows it seems like he is going back and fourth but he still feels the same way as we shouldn't do anything again. I left my earrings there as he knows that so I am eventually going to have to see him. Is it a bad idea to tell him everything that i have been feeling since bu and how i wish we could try again and i feel somthing there. Like his behavior is so hard to read to me. Help!!
He is unsure but still has feelings
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Confusing situation with ex, decoding him?
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