Why is my ex apologizing now?

Why is my ex being nice all of a sudden after 6 months of no contact? He called and apologized for everything he ever put me through and said to me. He said he doesn't like where he is now. He kept saying how he wishes he was close or still living here. He said his life has been really stressful lately. He lives in another town with his girlfriend who he got pregnant after a couple months of dating. We broke up back in December by the way. So I'm just wondering what's going on with him?


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  • He told you what's going on with him.
    " He said his life has been really stressful lately".

    His life sucks right now. He knocked up a girl and lives with her in a new town and doesn't like life right now. So he called up his ex girlfriend.

    I mean, maybe he simply feels guilty for how he treated you and wanted to apologize for it, so that he could be relieved of guilt. But he went on to vent about life. So it's not about how he wronged you. It's about him wanting something. Maybe he wants you for emotional support. Maybe he wants to runaway from the situation he got himself stuck in and an easy out, would be running to his ex.

    It doesn't really matter. What matters is what you want. Because this looks like bad news and staying in contact with him right now is a bad idea for you.


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  • He's stressed. How did the relationship end between you two?

    • I just didn't wanted to be with him anymore cause we were always arguing and it was just too much for me. Then a month later he had someone new. We broke in December by the way.

    • Just sounds like he's stressed, and regret some things.

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  • He wants your forgiveness so he can talk to you about things that stresses him. Everybody needs to talk to someone when they're stressed right and no one to go to? And the person to talk to is you because you both were intimate once. Did you ask him what does he want? I would get angry at him for even for texting me if I were you or just dismiss him nicely.

  • If you let him go, if he comes back no one else wanted him so let him go again lol ever heard that saying?


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