Why doesn't my boyfriend ever know what he's doing?

My boyfriend always says "I don't know" when I ask him what he's up to for something.

For example, he told me he's going to a bachelor party the same night I'm going to a bachelorette party (for the same couple)

I asked him "where are you guys going?" He told me "Maine" I then asked "oh cool, where in Maine?" he said "I don't know." I said, "you don't know where in Maine that you're going to a bachelor party?" and he said no. He said his sister told him about it tonight. So I said "your sister just told you and all she said was you're going to Maine and didn't even tell you where in Maine?" and he kept saying how he didn't know. Then after 5-10 minutes of asking him he finally said "exit (some number) in Maine."

Then I said "OK, so what's at that exit in Maine?" He still is saying he doesn't know!

Eventually he said it's at a lake but doesn't know where, doesn't know anything else.

Why is he like this and is it because of how I asked him? I asked him and he gave me the "I don't know" crap and then I fell into disbelief that he seriously doesn't freaking know. It's like talking to a child. Any advice? Are other guys like this? Why?


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  • chill out and back off


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  • Maybe he REALLY doesn't know.. L0l.. You can't force him to tell you where he is going if he doesn't know.. And you asking him all those questions probably made him think that you're being annoying, so he just kept his words simple and short. So I think you should juss let him be and just cool off a bit.. Because it's not really that serious..


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