Why do guys do this?!

My ex is always overlapping his relationships. When we started dating, I wasn't aware, but he was still with his previous girlfriend. Then to my surprise, when we broke up, he had actually been talking to another girl before we even broke up. A three year relationship and he had no time at all between our relationship and his new one...i just don't get it why does he do this? Do other guys do this. He gives his self no time to grieve over a relationship or even acknowledge that the other relationship is over, no matter how serious it was (which ours was pretty serious)! It hurts so bad that he could be so inconsiderate.


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  • Not all guys are like this hun! Only he knows the reason why he does that. I for one never heard of that.

    • Aw, well thanks, he's weird!!

  • I am sure other guys do this but women or at least some of the ones I have dated have done this and I know of many more situations where women have done this to guys. It is all about not having to go through a break up period and having somebody there when the last one ends. As far as I am concerned these are cheaters. Anyone who goes along with this male or female deserves it when it happens to them. I have had this happen to me 2 times that I know of (meaning I am not sure if others have had someone in the waiting when we broke up)and both times the perpetrators asked to get back together. My reply was do not ever contact me again for anything. These people cannot stand to be alone for one minute and are always looking for the next best thing. He is selfish and you deserve better. Chances are the dirt bag will do this to most women he meets and hopefully when he finds someone he cares about it will happen to him.

    • Thanks, you are exactly right!! :/

    • I would say learn from it but these things tend to blind side one. There are signs though you just have to want to see them which most people do not want to.

    • Yes, that's very true. When I think back there are signs everywhere, so yeah!

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