Insight into the mind of an ex?

We ended our 3 year relationship that was unhealthy for both him and I a couple of months ago.

Nevertheless, he has contacted me via Instagram to get my phone number to which I didn't reply. And after a few times of DM'ing me, we did talk for a couple of days. Nothing major or anything at all on my part. Moreso, responding to his updates on life and his family and his going ons.

There was a point we both talked about meeting up, but then a day later he told me it wasn't a good idea and I completely agreed. I also realized we should just cut communication all together and go our separate ways. He completely agreed and so that was it... or so I thought.

Two days later he DM's me again saying he couldn't stop thinking about me. And has messaged me frequently after that with no response from my end.

I blocked him today because I realized I have to take the step to completely close this chapter.

I feel like he's trying to pull me back into this rollercoaster of unhealthy habits and emotions and I just don't ever want to be back in that situation anymore.

What are your opinions as to where his mind is right now? Why all of this?


Most Helpful Guy

  • He wants to take the ride again, not realizing the risks or effects. It seems like you are still willing to be pulled in, even after blocking..

    • it's hard after 3 years I admit, but I don't want to go back to that which is why I'm taking all the steps necessary.

    • The best step is to take this time to focus on you and the things you care about or would like to do.. I've been through what you're feeling before.

Most Helpful Girl

  • It shouldn't matter to you what's on his mind. If you've made the decision to move on from an unhealthy relationship, (I know it's easier said than done), you need to take all the right steps for yourself.
    The biggest thing you can do right now, is, to cut him off temporarily, so you can clear your head a bit. If you broke up a couple of months back, and have managed to stick to this final decision to end things, you must genuinely be in need of it.
    Don't deliberate on what he could or could not be thinking, because the more he occupies your mind, the more you're going to plant seeds of doubt and have "what if?"s popping up about another possible outcome of this - like giving it another shot.
    I say, STOP thinking about what he's doing and do what YOU know you need to be doing.


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What Guys Said 1

  • that poor feminist... please get out of his life asap forever... never see him again or speak to him again for his own good please


What Girls Said 1

  • Basically he's either lonely, realised what he had. He likes mind games. Or he does actually miss you.

    • I think the mind games part is the truth to be honest. The things people will say to get you to reply..

    • Yeh a lot of people do. Kinda twisted how they do it though... all you can do is keep away from him (: I'm sure you'll find someone a lot better than someone acting like a child

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