EX boyfriend is confusing me....Does he want to be with me or not? PLEASE Help!!!

I knew my ex for 8 months and we made it official after the 4th month. I must admit that I was playing games with him and didn't take the relationship as serious part of the reason was because I was still hung up over another guy and the other part was because I just wasn't comfortable with my boyfriend and not ready for a serious relationship at the time. I would always stand him up when we made plans for a date and would barely answer his phone calls. I broke up with him before valentines day because I didn't want the pressure on me to have to go on a date or do something romantic with him.(like I said I wasn't ready for a relationship) Well we broke up in March and this time it was for good. As we've been apart I realized that I made a mistake and that he was a good guy and now I want him back. I've been trying to get him to talk to me and get back together but he kept saying that he was no longer interested in being in a relationship with me. he said that he put too much of his feelings in the relationship. Well about 3 weeks ago I got him to come over by telling him that I wanted to have sex. For the first couple of days things were OK he had started back texting me but then on that Wednesday he had surgery.I came to the place where I was no longer going to run after him and was just gonna move on so I stopped contacting him and deleted him off my FB. Thursday morn at 4am he texted me "hey baby" and I didn't reply so later on that day he text me asking if we were not speaking at all because he saw that I deleted him and I said that I just got the pic and was gonna leave him alone because it seemed like he didn't want to be bothered. he replied with "i understand but I still care for you and would like to hear from you every once in a while" so then I preceded to ask him why he is playing games and he replies with "how do you mean games? I told you I wasn't interested in a relationship we had sex and were back on now its like you're completely done with me" I told him I was cool with us being FWB...he said he wasn't really saying we should be FWB but that I was the only person he felt comfortable having sex with...Well I didn't contact him for the next couple of days and then he texts me saying that he misses me and loves me and can't wait until he gets better so he can see me. So we didn't talk after that for 4 days until he texted me at 6:45 saying "u were on my mind" and I texted back "OK...how are u" he replies "good just starting to drive again" and I said "that's good for u" so then he says "yeah I know...I'll holla at you though take care". I was so confused at this point so I texted him asking if he loved me and he said always and forever so then I asked was he in love with me and he turns around and ask me do I love him I replied with "stop...answer the question" and he says "exactly what I thought you would say, I'll answer your question after I fix the crack in my heart" What is wrong with him? Should I just move on?!


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  • There! Games bring bad result. You are the victim of your own game. He got enough and left you. He came back because you offered him candy. His affection like a glass that has been fractured. I do not think that he will see you or think of you the same way.

    At this point, the best way is have a straight talk and tell him that you want to have a steady relationship. You may have to suck up to his turn at the game.

    Good luck. I hope you accept that game is not it. I am saying that you need to be a doormat.

    • So you think now he's playing games with me? I'm really fed up with it and just wish he would either tell me there is absoutely no chance of us getting back together instead of sayig he misses and loves me one day and then beig distant another. I don't like the games and I'm wantin to be serious now. Should I just give up and let him be?

    • I would have a straight talk with him and judge his actions after that. I would have a lot on my mind if I need a surgery and having a rocky relationship. He may chose to take care of his health when you asked and his replied " he said that he put too much of his feelings in the relationship."

      Good Luck!!!

  • I think you belong together. No sense in putting other people through your drama.

    Maybe you should ask yourself a simple question. What do I want out of a relationship.

    You two sound like your both self absorbed and selfish.

    I hope you realize that a relationship is about 2 people caring for one another and being there for each other and trying to help make each other happy. All I got from your small novel is who can screw over who the fastest and how much can you hurt each other. As I said you two belong together please do NOT put others through this.

    • I'm not trying to hurt him and by us breaking up and him not wanting to get back together has made me realized my mistakes in the relationship. I'm tired of playing games and I love him and want us to be together but I can't tell what he wants by his actions

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    • I know I was wrong but do you think I should stop all contact? is there a chance he wants me back or is he just playing with me?

    • Well you can take a chance and be honest with him and communicate how you feel. No bullsh*t just be honest and see his reaction. I know this is something everyone needs to learn on their own and everyong goes throught it but eventually you learn in relationships that communicating and being honest is a lot easier than palying games. So if you plan to contact him tell him the truth you have nothing to lose. Now its a a trust issue between you 2 is there any trust there?

      U know what's best for u.

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  • I would move on. Let him come to you and truly be honest with you.