Advice on how to cope after a breakup?

I just broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years, 1 hr ago because I felt like I wasn't happy anymore. I told him that I felt like we got to comfortable to the point that we weren't doing anything interesting and the relationship just became dull. And he agreed that he wasn't making the effort to make me happy, that he didn't know how to make me happy.

I am home now and I feel like I have made a horrible mistake. I don't know if this is how u feel when you breakup with someone but I dont want to go back to the cycle again and I want to move on but dont know how.

Any advice? What can i do now to not think about this and want to go back to him? What is the healthiest way to move on? Did I do the right thing?
Advice on how to cope after a breakup?
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