If a ex comes back?

After years, why? A man. Never had a serious girlfriend after me. Knows we will never be together. Why does he try contacting? He's the one that left me? I tried to keep him. Its been 6 years and he's came back if I were to message today he'd jump to respond but we both know theirs no going back. So why is this?


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  • He has not yet let go. You need to be very blunt with him or get used to his seasonal "showing up" things he is doing. Be honest. Be frank. And most important make sure he completely understands you do not want him in your life any longer. Either that or put up with him.

  • He probably doesn't know what he wants.

    • I have kids now be knows he doesn't want me that's not even a thought that crosses my mind. So why message?

    • Again he's not sure what he wants. So he's searching and looking and you were in the past and you may be what he wants he's not sure. He's trying to find peace and happiness and you were part of that at one point which is why he comes to you again

    • I guess I see where you're coming from just hard to assume after 6 years and kids I'm who he wants why would you even wait? Plus we come from different race, religion back ground their is no way a us would even exist I think more of just to say hi or something but I don't know honestly

  • You couldn't come back. Sad.


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