Why does she want?

So I had a falling out with this girl when she went through my phone and used it against me for talking to other women when for 3 years she kept saying she did not want to date me or commit to me. I cut her out in April after that when she slapped me in the face by actually dating someone else. Now 8 months later she made a fake fb account pretending to be someone else but asked me questions about herself and tell me negative stuff about herself. She has a boyfriend now by the way. Why would she do this? I cut her out in April. IIt's been about 3 weeks now and nothing else has happened. Why did she do this?
This is so strange for me. I don't even know if it's her but it's very Like my since I've never met any of her friends and she closed her fb account years ago. So none of her friends would know me to message me like that. Even when she had fb she never posted pics of us together out of the few we ever took.


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  • Because she is a childish or maybe her boyfriend is tired of her and he wants kick her ass out and before it happening to her she wants be sure that you'll be there waiting for her.

    • I'm he if she's going to reach out to me eventually without it being a fake account.

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  • She's crazy. Be glad you didn't stick your dick in it.

    Seriously though: It sounds like you were the guy she was keeping around, either as a back-burner, backup option, or emotional support. She probably had no intention of every seriously dating you, and was keeping you around for whatever reason, while she found someone else she DID want to date.

    Best thing you can do is just completely move on.


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  • She's petty, angry, and jealous and has no life. If she did, she's never do something so juvenile. That's something kids do. But you cut her out of your life, so she no longer matters. Just block her fake account, and don't let the past bother you or interfere with your new life. :)


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