Ever ran into an ex and realised you made the wrong decision about them?

when i first meet this girl she was new to the bar scene and still pretty young , for some reason she seemed to like me and i had wanted to date her. we sort of flirted with the idea of dating and hung out at the bar a bunch of times but never really got that serious. at some point she just got annoyed and drifted away and stopped going to that bar so i hadn't seen much for her for a while.

then last night i ran into her at original bar , for some reason she was there with some friends , not sure if she has a new boyfriend or not? i talked to her and it was a bit awkward to be honest but i realised quickly i still liked her and was very attracted to her

i realised i had made the wrong decision on this one , there had been no real reason as to why we didn't end up together and i think we would of enjoyed being together had things got more serious. i feel frustrated rate now trying to deal with this


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  • Are you sure she has a new boyfriend?
    What can you do to make your friendship stronger?
    Can you call her up and ask her out for a date or something?
    Would she like to be friends with you? are you friends on facebook?
    I don't know, I don't think I made a wrong decision, I always think that if I had strong feelings for a guy then I would not ever drop that relationship... most relationships are because I didn't feel really strongly about being with them.

    • I'm not sure there is any way i can contact her , i used to have her on twitter but her page disappeared a while back , either she deleted me or just closed her account , i didn't see it when i searched , i don't have her on any other sites , don't use instagram or facebook anymore.
      I'm not really sure if she has a new boyfriend or not , there was a guy or 2 with there group and she spent a bit of time with one but it wasn't clear if she was dating him , she didn't say he was her boyfriend or anything?

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  • Relationships are like a craps shoot. You toss the dice (meet new women) and decide if you place your bet on the Pass or Don't Pass line. Then you live with the next outcome of the dice toss. Ya, it sucks. Learn from it and move on.


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  • no, I look at every ex and realize I dodged a bullet.


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