Need help about meeting my exbf current girlfriend and advice?

Recently I went over my exbf's house awhile he's current girlfriend was there. I didn't meet her, I just saw a little of her when she was giving my exbfs sis her child because he was crawling around she give him back to her and I just saw little part of her. When my exbf went to the bathroom, I was in the living room and he's girlfriend was in the kitchen putting her plate up, when he comed out the bathroom saw me and her probably at the same time, he was coming out of the bathroom he looked at me smiled then looked at her has he was walking towards the kitchen and he pointed at her to go back to his room like he didn't want her seeing me type thing. What do you think why he pointed at her to go back.


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  • @brendaqueen, what I Ned to Know with Joe... Why did you go over there if She was there, or even Stay while SHE was There?
    However, he Probably 'Pointed he to go back,' which is Whack, because he May have Wanted to See you Alone at Home, which is like Something from a Movie I am Sure I have seen Before Behind This... Closed Door.
    Good luck. xx

    • Well I know she was there because he's mom told me but I still wanted to visit his mom and dad and sister. Huh? About closed doors? Like I saw him pointing at her to go back to the room. Like he didn't want her to see me there

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    • Lol yeah. I just can't sleep message me okay

    • lol!! Okay. xx

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