When your ex boyfriend cuts all communication off?

On wed. It will be one week that my ex hasn't talked to me. I tried texting a little bit, I only called once and I emailed today to tell him I know it was my fault, I;m sorry please give me the opportunity to prove to him that I learned and still care. He said I was the girl he wanted to marry and we were together for a little over 2 months. He hasn't responded to anything I have said. I told him if he didn't want me to try and win him back please tell me and I won't continue anything. I said give me two weeks to prove this to him. My goal is to send him little surprises here and there like dinner one night send him his fav. Pizza but I will not talk to him or see him. Any thoughts on this idea and if I should if he isn't communicating? He hasn't no don't so should that mean try or give up?


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  • That means there's no chance, your just wasting your time.


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  • If I were you, I'd quit contacting him and just give him some space. By not responding to anything you've sent him, he's given you his answer - he's done with this, and he wants to move on, so let him do that.

    Trust me, since I'm in that situation right now and would like nothing more than for my ex to just leave me alone.

    Also, I'd reconsider sending him surprise gifts. My ex does this too (he leaves my favorite flowers outside my door) and although it's nice, I can't really even appreciate the gift itself because A) I know I'm never going to thank the person who sent it, because the feeling isn't mutual, so it's awkward to receive it and B) it's a sign that he's not willing to leave me alone. I've just been leaving the flowers where they are or throwing them away.


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