He's cheating on her with me... what do I do?

I recently been talking to a guy I met, and we've hung out twice. (we've been talking for about a week straight now) We've done oral and I stayed the night at his place once. Today I went on Facebook to just to look around, and found out he has a girlfriend. I wasn't romantically interested in him, but now I feel fucking awful. Do I message the girl or just stop talking to him all together or what? I feel as if it's not my place, yet at the same time I feel as id I just stop talking to him, he might continue to cheat on this poor girl. They've been together for 4 years now. That's just downright disgusting of me to mess that up. I feel like shit. What do I do?


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  • well you can use this opportunity to out a cheater, or just leave the situation altogether and not let it be your problem anymore.


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  • I think there is a couple factors that need to be considered in these situation...

    1. Is this person mutually exclusive with someone else?

    * yes, we are just talking though (maybe hugs or kissing can be included in this) . No, don't contact her but stop communicate with him and tell him you know because it's kindof fun to watch them panic. 😂

    *yes, we are talking and have things are sexual. Yes, contact her but be respectful about it. This should not be to get back at him because he's a horrible human being (I feel your pain and also want him to burn in hell) but rather because ladies need to stick together and if he's not practicing safe sex methods he is putting everyone involved at risk. If your motives (this is general not directed at the asker) are to get back it him. No. don't. It's not healthy for you. And it's not fair to loop her into your very methodical plot to destroy him.

    2.) is this person not mutually exclusive someone but you find out they are seeing other women?

    * this is going to hurt but you should not contact the other woman. If you aren't okay with that I would let him know. He might stop seeing them because he's interested in you. He might say no (or lie!) and at that point you should part ways.


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  • Tell the girl you did things with him and mention that he never said he had a girlfriend. It is your place if you feel guilty about it, she deserves to know. You don't want her to hate you for doing something you didn't know was wrong.

    • I mean just saying if I were in that girls position I would want her to tell me.

  • Dump his ass and let the girlfriend know.
    Say that your sorry and that you had no idea that he was in a relationship. Let that asshole be alone. power to the pussy!

  • My question is, if you are not interested in him romantically, why are you having oral and spending nights together?

    • friends with benefits.

  • Nope tell her please tell her I'm begging you to. I was in such a horrible cheating relationship and I would of had mad respect for a woman if she would of came to me. Please save her a life of misery she deserves to know just like you would! Do the right thing.

    • I'd have to agree with this.

    • @MargaritaPeach I wouldn't even second guess it, romantic or not loyalty is is everything I was raised off of. Some people are just dying to catch him up because they have a feeling of cheating and will never know end up marrying the person having kids and she could have gone down a different path if one person would of just spoke up. It all depends on the heart this chick has... Sometimes you have to care for people you don't know.

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