Ex boyfriend trouble?

OK, so my ex boyfriend as of two months pops up today asking if we could talk. Im so scared and nervous because he was my first everything and I can honestly say I loved him and still have some feeling towards him but the breakup was absolutely terrible and I've never felt so miserable before. I've just started to come out of my mourning phase and on the verge of recovery per se. I don't know what to expect but he seems a lot more kind than a few weeks ago. I'm worried I'm going to fall back into my hole of sadness again. I'm worried that he'll try to get us back together and I'm not sure what to do. Any advice?


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  • First off, you need to think about why the relationship ended and whether that reason or reasons are big enough to stay broken up or if you want to try again.

    Don't go back to someone who hurt you and who is showing signs they will do it again. Relationships should make you happy, not sad. If you are finding you were sad in that relationship, then it's best not to get back together with him. There are plenty of guys out there who will want to date you. And who will make you happy.

  • Don't do it. Like they say a leopard never changes its spots. If you broke up there's a good reason. You can't keep going back. This happened with me and an abusive ex and every time I thought he changed but he didn't and I ended up hurt. I would strongly advise against it only because I've been there. If you let him back in you'll just fall for him again and he'll hurt you over an over until there's nothing left but sadness. Just don't do it please. For your emotional health.


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