How can I ease my mind from all this anger?

so my ex girlfriend and i were hanging around, being fuck buddies and such, i still love her, she claims she doesn't love me anymore, that im boring and not interesting anymore (we were in a relationship for 2 years, she broke up with me, a yr later we started hanging out again and then this happened)..

while being fuck buddies she gave me signals, like calling me and telling me she misses me and things like that, which was weird because she told me she wasn't in love with me anymore, but clearly had some affection. One night of rough sex there's was a friend of her there and i told her that i didn't have much cash for us to hang out or do something that would require money, she said it was ok because she was in the same situation, but that didn't stop her from saying "you have to buy us food" (in a bad way) i said no and she said to her friend in front of me "you see? he is so cheap, i can't marry someone like him", a couple of days later she told me that we should stop seeing each other and messing around for good due to the fact that i behave like a momma bear with my money and that is important for her, i just said ok and ignored her texts, i deleted her from social media and she messaged me on tw after she realized it (have a good life <3 I love you) I didn't reply..

there are days that i feel really angry at the fact that she walked over me so many times and i alllowed her because i wanted things to work out, i see sometimes people retweeting her stuff and it seems like she is dating someone else or she likes some other dude and it just infuriates me because i dont know how can some women be so fucking evil and careless.
I accept that i wasn't an alpha centered man at the end of the relationship and since i was still in love after we saw eachother a yr later i was kind of weak too, but why treat me like shit and dump me again for that shitty reason?, I get really mad and i would like to throw a truck at her for being such a bitch to me for no fucking reason.
the day she told me she realized she didn't want a relationship with me after i said "ok" she told me that the fact that she didn't want something romantic with me doenst mean we should be enemies (she also said it in a bad way).. i told her " i dont wanna be your friend" , she threw a tantrum saying "so delete my number then, since we gotta be so sensitive", I didn't reply to that crap..
this is not even the whole story of the thigns she has done to me, she made sure we coudlnt stay friends


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  • So obvious!
    One: She's a major drama queen.
    Two: She has mixed feelings.
    Three: Most of those mixed feelings are saying she really wants you.

    I know, because a while back one of my friends did the same thing to a guy she really liked. She loved him, but she knew that they weren't that serious, even though they dated for a year or so, because they were only eighteen and his mom was asking him to marry some other girl she knew, who he was friends with since childhood.
    My friend got hurt. She knew she couldn't be with him or compete with his childhood friend, so she "broke up" with him. But she was absolutely unable to live without him.
    Maybe this girl is a bit more serious about you than she wants to admit, which is why she's not admitting it.
    Calm down and just think about it. Think about not what already happened before or what will happened later. But rather, what happened now and how you really and truly feel about her.

    Hope I helped.
    And just for a happy heart, remember:
    Love Life and Life Loves you back.

    • She has repeadtely disrespected me and i have allowed it fearing that i would lose her...
      She has told me before that she is not in love with me or doesn't want a relationship with me.

      She has made me feel like crap one to many times so i still love her but im so mad at her and the fact that i would like to believe that what you are saying is true but i know she doesn't give a crap, which is why she has tossed me around like a ball all this time until i broke the core with not replying to her texts...

      Plus she talks to a bunch of guys and i bet you she likes one of those...

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    • This message actually made me smile haha thanks again you virtual friend! I will do as you adviced

    • you're welcome virtual friend. and if you ever need any help, you can see my username. just create an account, if you don't already have one, and message me.

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  • First you have to let it go. No one can do that but you. It's unhealthy and immature to let this fester. Yes she was a bitch and played you but you allowed yourself to be played. She's moved on but you aren't - you are only hurting yourself.
    Get a punching bag and everytime you feel angry beat the shit out of it, let the anger out instead of letting it fester. Pretty soon you'll feel it go.

    • thats the shit that makes me mad, SO fucking easy for the bitch to let it go and thats it, played me, humiliated me, and walked away like nothing happened just like that! happy and dating again while im angry at women just because i feel like ima be judged like that bitch judged me.

      she wanted to be friends and told me straight out "just because i told you i dont want anything romantic with you doesn't mean we can't be friends" .. fucking bitch, i told her i dont want to be your friend and haven't talked every since, its been a month since all that crap.

      thanks for the advice tho

    • Let it out man! Lay it out like a 10 ton slab. You deserve to have proper closure and move one.

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  • This whole Situation is very Unhealthy Here, Dear.
    Move on. Lick those War Wounds. You need Stability in your Life of Strife, and this One, hun, is Not Glued on Tight. Noe was this Relationship, no matter what you both have Called it, which Now, She has just Plain Called it "Quits."
    Good luck. x

    • Thank you for your Like, hun. xx

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    • When we started dating again was because i moved to nj, she is living in ny...
      After a couple of months going back and forth and her attitudes over stupid things, and asking me for money (which i couldnt give her cuz i had a crappy job and couldnt afford to give money since i just moved to another city!!) ... we were going on dates but at the first argument she would just say that she lost interest. And the last time she said she was done for good was thr time i described in this post.. Basically cut me loose because i didn't obey her... I took so much humiliation just because i didn't wsnt the relationship to go to hell and lose her and ironically being submissive was what led me to losing both :/

    • Aw, well, the two States are Stone throws but with Knives being thrown, a lot on her own end, she needs to get on the same page, no rage, with you, or She will lose out eventually and you Could end up finding yourself one day a Nice Jersey Girl. xx

  • you see this is why you never ever ever EVER become fuck buddies with someone. there's always going to be feelings. I would be like "oh im boring and uninteresting? fine GTFO of my house! good luck finding dick somewhere else hoe!"

    • Hey-lo, crazy person (SongBird3). That would just educe more conflict. You shouldn't just scream at someone like that. Especially if you already knew them previously. Who knows what they might lead to! I STRONGLY advice against something like this!!!

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    • @Nikki161819 You know what, wait till you get older, and have someone walk all over you and u "just ignore him" and "take the high road" trust me, your gonna wish you got some things off your chest. This discussion is over.

    • allright mother, i'll wait till i'm older.
      XD XD

  • She sounds like a POS... A self serving, manipulative wench... you are better of without her as I highly doubt her behaviour would change.

    I suggest finding a hobby like Tai Chi, or Judo something to center your mind aresnd get some frustration out.

    • and she will always blame me for everything and make me feel as if im the one flawed

      but i feel angry at times and i won't deny there is a part of me that loves her still...

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