Drunken Wedding?

My boyfriend has a co worker who is getting married. It's a major event.
I'm not a drinker.
My boyfriend is a drinker, and his friends drink excessively.

I don't want to go.
I don't want to be miserable... or the designated driver.
I feel like I have to show up.
My boyfriend is flirty and a great dancer.

Im not a great dancer and very faithful... drinking is bad for me.. i do really stupid stuff.. black out or flirt with the wrong people.. or kiss people...

I dropped drinking 20 years ago out of embarrassment of my behavior

Thanks for reading... my boyfriend has never seen me drunk.. and I don't plan to.. or plan to watch him ogle women while I'm sober.. his drinking makes him very flirty... help!!
Drunken Wedding?
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