Drunken Wedding?

My boyfriend has a co worker who is getting married. It's a major event.
I'm not a drinker.
My boyfriend is a drinker, and his friends drink excessively.

I don't want to go.
I don't want to be miserable... or the designated driver.
I feel like I have to show up.
My boyfriend is flirty and a great dancer.

Im not a great dancer and very faithful... drinking is bad for me.. i do really stupid stuff.. black out or flirt with the wrong people.. or kiss people...

I dropped drinking 20 years ago out of embarrassment of my behavior

Thanks for reading... my boyfriend has never seen me drunk.. and I don't plan to.. or plan to watch him ogle women while I'm sober.. his drinking makes him very flirty... help!!


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  • You know, if it's really that bad then just don't go, however... You're 40. It was time to be an adult a long, long time ago and part of our responsibilities as adults is to support our friends and family. Attending a wedding is about being supportive and while I think it's a little odd to have a drunken wedding at our age (aren't we more into multi-course menus, haute cuisine, and non-sugary cocktails?), I do think you should be there.

    However, from what you described, whatever you do, DO NOT DRINK! If you do drink though, please post the pictures here in a followup post.

    • Thanks for the advice... the people getting married drink heavy then fight.. and their pals and their co-workers are drunken fishing men.. sigh.. if I do drink.. I'm thinking i will do or say something stupid...
      And me not going would be better
      So I don't make a fool out of myself in front of his boss (his son in law)
      Last time I drank at my X's work party I hit on the biggest bosses wife
      I don't remember
      I would definitely get dumped.. and posting a pic.. of me drunk would be a pictorial journal of a crash and burn
      I mean it would be a taste of his own medicine
      I'm 40.. I look like I'm 28... white small blonde
      He is 59 looks like 50.6'4"...355 pounds
      In a year 3 times he has overly flirted with 3 huge ass Hispanic women
      I guess if I drank and he started flirting with a woman of that type
      Drinking makes me spite ful
      And I'm a newly born again Christian..
      Sigh I feel torn

  • At least you will be a designated driver for him. Think of it that way. I'm sober, too; but weddings are often drunken affairs. Hang in there and think to yourself, that you'll be keeping him safe by being his designated driver.


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