Does he think about me?

Me and this guy started talking 4 years ago and we were in a relationship the summer 2013, after that he came back to me a few times. We hadn't spoke for 2 years till this July when we contacted each other, we talked for a month! we are adult today (18) we are more mature and grown up today, we thought about this issue but we never shared it with each other, we just kept talking as if we were ignoring the fact that he is christian and i'm muslim which would never work out as we knew from our families. So one day we broke up and I felt like when we were texting, that he kind of wanted to argue over what I was feeling for example that I'm in love with him.. He just seems to be alright, just all fine with this fucked up situation even though he really really adores me. Is that just something men do? Try to play it cool? I feel like I know him tho, i know his heart aswell but it'S his brain that I can't understand.. Does he even miss me? I feel it but it feels empty, does he miss me?

Does he think about me?
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