Ex wants to get me back?

I have been in a 8months relationship with my boyfriend but he broke up with me 2 months ago because we had a lot of arguments. Few days later I asked him to get back with me but he refused saying he needs time. Whatever, now I've noticed that he started liking my pictures (something that he isn't used to do) and posting sad quotes and I know that he's talking about me, I also catched him writing something to me on Whatsapp, but he ended up not sending anything. I'm wondering why he's doing that? Is that means that he regrets me and wants me back? Does he want yo text me but he is afraid to get dumped just like he did to me? Why is he hesitating to talk to me?
What do you think? Please help, have you been in the same situation before?


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  • Maybe he's having second thoughts and wants to find his way back into your life. It's understandable that you'll be apprehensive when he's hurt you so much by ending the relationship

    I believe relationships are worth fighting for , but only if both people are making the effort to make the relationship survive challenging times.

    The only way you'll salvage the relationship is if you both resolve or compromise on past issues , and respond and react differently when you start arguing


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  • Seems like he wants to get back.

  • Trying to get back in your paints.


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  • I think you two have a chance, give the boy another shot, maybe he is sincere and genuine. You can never know. I'd rather regret giving him a second chance when he breaks my heart, than regret not giving it a shot at 69 years old. After all, we only regret the risks we didn't take.

    • Do you think I should post quotes too, I don't really know but I mean giving him signs

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    • Then just wait for him to make a move, if he he doesn't... Probably means he isn't interested.

    • I agree and I hope it won't take him so much time, thanks for your help!

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