Which girl should I pick?

My ex and I are madly in love, but live 180 miles apart. I no longer have a car, she doesn't have a car, and her father hates me.

My current girlfriend and I are in love. I don't love her as much or in the same way as my ex. But she loves me more than anything.

I don't want to hurt either of them. What should I do?

Also: they know about each other and talk to each other.


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  • Well how long have you been dating the current girlfriend? Maybe for right now it's better that you stay with the one you have and if you and your ex are meant to be there's going to be some way that you two will be able to see each other. But right now all the signs of you two being apart and not having a car and having the father hate you might mean that you two don't need to be together. At least not now.


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