When is enough enough?

To start i am bipolar My husband an i have wnted a baby since they day we got married. but we coldnt so we got a puppy Not what i wanted but he was excited. At the time we both workd crazy hours and were almost nevr home training the dog was imposible. We wre just starting out an didn't have much what we did have i worked extremely hard for He only had a trunk the day we movd in I hate to sound matrialistic but we grew up with nothng and i took care of evrything i had, i had to work hard for it. i knew there would b accidents im not completly naive to think a dog is perfct. But it got so bad to the point i didn't even want to walk into the aprtment because i was the only one taking care of what he wantd while he barely paid any mind to the dogand i got to get upset at the torn shoes, covers, couches. The ruined school books (i put them on the table by the way she found a way to climb) ruined carpets. With my disorder to manage it everythng has to be scheduled an in its place. When its not i can have attacks or have an episode. I cooked cleaned work school And was having to deal with a dog that was destyng evrythin i workd hard for Eventually i got him to let us get rid of her. i told my husband we couldnt get another dog until we got a house. about 4 mnths later we get a call saying his astranged mother died leaving us his childhood toypoodle. And we enherited his childhood pet.. that he had to leavebehind he was supposed to b trained nd it was the only good thig he had from his past so we brought him home bevause there wsnt anywhre else yet tht he felt comfortable leavinghim. But we are inthe same situation, now my husband is refusing to get rid of the dog. And we have spoke abot him taking resposibility. I told him that it was me or the dog bcause he was too much. My husband said that i was stupid for leavng ovr a dog. I love my husband very much and he does work insane schedule for us to have things tht we need Am i being selfish for wanting to get rid of the dog?


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  • Invest in spell check, or autocorrect, or something. Sweet hell.

    Anyhow, you told us all about the puppy you two abused, but nothing about the other dog except "the same situation".

    • Had to delete letters because it was too long. Lol. I know it botherd me to write it

  • Jesus... you're 22 and already married.


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  • I really hope you didn't give the dog to a shelter, people who do that are quite disgusting, if you're going to kick a pack animal out of your pack the least you can do is find them a new pack, it's cruel to just desert them. So I'd say if the new dog bothers you so much and you and your husband agree to get rid of it, just make sure you don't give it to a shelter...

    • Going to have to disagree. Giving a dog to a shelter is a better option to being a shitty owner. Plus there are plenty of us who adopt from shelters.

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    • Totally understandable, actually. And good that you do. Wish more people would volunteer, but I also wish more people wouldn't be shit owners... and we know how well that's going.

      He is very adorable. This is my little beast.

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