My recent breakup?

Me and my boyfriend we doing pretty good we just came back to school from summer vacation. The first week of school on Friday he says I need to talk to you so I say okay. He said he changed his schedule and I was like really he changed his schedule and we only had one class together and how were we gonna be together I mean we had lunch but still. He said I need to talk you in private and I'm like wtf does he wanna talk about. I'm already a little pissed about him changing his schedule already so I just went to class. Lunch time comes and he comes and sits next to me and sid my mom said we're moving to fast and you should get know a person before you date them and I'm not mature enough for a relationship and we should see other people. At this point I'm severely pissed. So what would you have done would you have listened to your mom or didn't pay her no attention?

My recent breakup?
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