Gags, what would you say about my actions in this situation with my ex?

Were together for 1,5 years. Turbulent and volatile type of relationship - love- hate. The only reason i didn't lose my mind was my strengths and ability to reason with someone who often gets quite unreasonable. Plans, counselling sessions, unemployment, lack of money, dreams, fights and arguments... unplanned pregnancy, my decision to have the baby, his decision to be the best dad possible, then changed to leaving us and not wanting to do anything with the child, threats, outrageous behavior, come back and leaving us again. After he moved out of the property that we were both renting, he called the agency and took his name off the lease, caused few issues as he has done this before. He started demanding money that i owe him from furniture that we bought together and he couldn't take with him. I started partially returning these money. Calling and showing up without my consent and causing drunken arguments and disturbing me at night time with abuse in my address, threatening me with disappearance, lawyers, falsely accusing me in cheating on him, and not taking a single bit of responsibility for what has happened to me as well. Last time I saw him I screamed out for him to leave my house and leave me alone, last time he contacted me he demanded me to be supportive as he is going through a lot with his mum getting ready for a melanoma surgery soon. I offered my heal with talking things thorough and told him i was there for him if he wanted help from me. He answered that he wasn't comfortable about talking with me on this. And also told him that if he wanted to stay in good relationship with me and be part of his child's life, he needs to stop doing all the above. Showed him really tough love and told him I had a real baby to care for now. Never heard back from him since.
Gags, what would you say about my actions in this situation with my ex?
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