How do get him to want me back via text?

so my boyfriend and i broke up about 6 weeks ago now. He text me once about a week and a half ago for a catch up and it was nice, he text me again today telling me about a job opportunity i might be interested in.
Our chat has been flowing quite nicely since then but it feels a bit boring, how do i make the chat flirty and exciting and get him to want me back via text?
we have been texting all day, nothing flirty or anything just a general chat (like friends, but i want him back) the last thing he said wasn't something i could reply with an answer, it was something i would have to change the subject after. should i just not reply and wait for him to text me another time?


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  • 1. You tried it once and it didn't work so why would you try it again?

    2. You can't "make" someone else want you.


What Girls Said 1

  • I like the way things are Going and Flowing. I fit would get Too "Flirty," he may Think this is Going to End up a... Friends with Benefits.
    I have seen too much of what can happen after a breakup and you don't want this, @creebash.
    Go Slow with Joe for now anyways. Feel him out. You have no Idea what Motive in Mind he has with being this Kind, so Take it easy.
    If things get to the Point where it Seems he might Want to take things Back to the Beginning again, then Liven it up with What you Used to Do before This... Breakup.
    Good luck. xx

    • Hmmm, yes, I see I was right. Don't fall prey to it if it was something like "Getting cozy."xx

    • So shall I or reply? And wait for the next time he texts me?

    • It actually Depends on you. Did it warrant a decent reply or would you prefer to move on and take it as this is what he wants? It's your call. xx

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