Should I get a restraining order against my ex?

He has never threatened me with physical violence; but he has a terrible temper, and shouts obscene things at me. I work for a fast food company located 40 minute drive from where he lives, and even farther from his job. He swings my job weekly, claiming its the closest of this particular restaurant chain to his house- which is true. But there are a ton of restaurants where he lives. I made it clear I do not want to talk to him, see him, anymore. I changed my number so he would stop leaving me insulting voicemails. I blocked him on social media for same reason. No he is regular customer at my job, and although he does not talk to me, other than to get his food, my manager says this is a form of stalking? Why doesn't he go eat somewhere else? I have a new job, but I don't start until next year. I have been kind of hoping he would stop coming by; I mean we broke up last year. I just started dating a new person last week, and I am worried if new guy comes by my job when my ex randomly shows up, there could potentially be conflict? Am I being paranoid, or should I get a restraining order? Do I have grounds for that if he never threatened physical violence before?
Should I get a restraining order against my ex?
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