Losing someone you love?

I cheated on my boyfriend by kissing another guy. The wound is still very fresh for him and he broke up with me right away. I have personally decided I will never do something like that again. He told me there is chance he will want to get back together eventually but to not get my hopes up. I am depressed without him as he was my whole world. I feel lost now. How do I cope with losing my best friend?


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  • Well i would do the same if i was him...
    you put our trust at stake and you risk it.
    before you do something its better to think the impact that would be done to your partner
    he probably feeling really disappointed right now
    it would be better if you two take some times apart to clear the minds


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  • Why did you do it? Can you empathize with his feelings? What caused you to do this? Were you not satisfied with the relationship

    • I was but we had fought every day and one night this guy asked if I wanted to drink and at first I was hesitant but I gave in and I drank and that's no excuse for what I did but that's kind of the background story

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  • It's best to just take it one day at a time.

  • Forget about it and move on. You caused the situation, time to just admit you messed up and let your ex boyfriend move on with someone else.


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