I wasn't in a good relationship with my ex, now we're over and he is already with someone else. Wtf?

I was seeing him for a year, but it didn't work out. Since i stop to talk with him because i was mad at him for some things he said, he didn't ask what was wrong with me and broke up 2 weeks after. Now he's seeing this girl that always asked to go out with him (he told me) i know that because she posted a picture of them. Today he put a facebook cover of their feet on grass lol. I think that is strange because he doesn't act this quick. Its possible that he likes her all of the sudden?


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  • I don't think two friends would take pictures of their feet on the grass together. Wearing shoes? I guess that's a possibility. Bare feet? That's either weird or they're seeing each other. This girl is probably just a rebound unfortunately.. He could be just giving her a chance since she asked many times before, or he's using her to get over you/keep himself occupied. So yes I can see how that's very possible for him to start something within two weeks.

    • It is so weird, right? For me is a rebound as you said... i deleted him on facebook and blocked. I did that on whatsapp too. Did on both when i saw the picture and send a message showing how mad i was for allowing her to do that. Its really soon for post pictures of them, since we broke not long ago. I read once that "desperation is a stinky colone". Guess its what happening for him.

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    • I think i did it right too. At first i thought of being friends with him, which i was before being a couple. But he doesn't have consideration for the problems i'm going through. So, no regrets! And thanks! Hope everything will go well for you too. :)

    • I don't think it's a rebound. If it is, he should have felt sad. I don't know whether he feels sad or not, but if he doesn't, it means it's most likely not a rebound. The way he reacted when they broke up, it's a good evidence for it.

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  • No, I don't think it's all of a sudden. I believe he's already opening doors for her even when u guys are together. The way he broke up clearly shows that he doesn't have feelings for you anymore. If he does, he would feel sad. Wtf? Yes, it's WTF! I'm so happy you broke up with him. Don't go back to him! Because you don't deserve getting hurt AGAIN! Move on! Find a better love life! Because you deserve so much better! :)

    • I believe he did that too. He craves attention all the time from people, it's so pathetic. He doesn't love anyone but himself. There is no way i'm going to contact him. I feel that i don't have to carry a weight on my back anymore. I'm so relivied, i coudn't stand anymore he throwing at my face about the girls he dated and the few (like this one) that wanted to date him. So gross! Before i forget, thanks! All the best for you! ☺️

    • No problem! Great that you moved on. His self esteem is low, that's why he tries to find these ways to boost him. Yes indeed is pathetic.

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