Should I ask him back out??

my ex-boyfriend told his friends to break us up after dating for about six months I was so mad that I threatened him and told him (my ex) that I never wanted to talk to him ever. His "friend" told me that he didn't want to break us up and that my ex didn't want to break up either but that he wasn't going to tell me so. I really miss him and wish we were back to together but then again things would be so weird and I don't know if I could through that again. my friends tell me I shouldn't but something inside me says that I should so please I need your answers. Should I go back out with him?


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  • Kick that Loser to the curb...when people don't care about you they play games. Definitely, he's playing games. You would be a fool for ever dating him again...I don't care how cute he is. If you meet one of his friends who warns you about a guy, maybe you should listen to what his friend says as well as your friends. Then start exercising some common sense. If he didn't want to break up with you, then it wouldn't have happened. Just think about it and I'm sure you will figure it out. KRL

  • Sounds like your ex and his friends are just playing childish games with you. You should be happy that you no longer have to deal with such immature behavior. Before you decide to allow this type of guy back into your life just think about it.

    -Best of luck to you :)


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