Do you think you can learn from each n every broke up? if so what have u learned?

I've been cheated on by girls , i been lied too, used, i been give up on, i been made to feel like i was a bad person. but i learned something no one and i mean no one is perfect when it comes to relationship. Here are a few things i learned.

1. If someone cheats on you and you give them a 2rd chance only for them to do it agin then they dont deserve you. So after the 2rd time drop them from your life.

2. Talk about problems in your relationship and never hold anything in if it bugs you.

3. Never try living up to your boyfriend or girlfriend unrealistic standard of what a relationships should be like. Be yourself just treat your boyfriend or girlfriend with respected and try making them happy. 4. If someone does make a effect to fight for you makes excuses or does nothing but cry 😢 move on. Lets just say i went through a forced break up and all the girl did was cry for weeks and made no effect to stand up too her parents. Just kept coming back every now and then saying she loved me or i did nothing wrong or she doesn't known what to do. The all thing she had to do is stop making excuse and stand up for herself.5. The biggest thing i learn is if your girlfriend family, a friend of theirs or anyone in their life doesn't like you. Then just remember your dating your them. The only requirement is show their parents or friends the same respected i think every one has a right too and nothing more. Also just try looking into the reason why they don't like u. What are some things u have learned from past broke ups? and do u think knoening what u known now that if you had a 2rd chance with someone you were in love with it would work out?
Do you think you can learn from each n every broke up? if so what have u learned?
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