Why do so many feel like if you broke up then its for a reason and you should never date agin?

I feel like no one wants to try to make things work becuase 9 times or of 10 its a lot more easy to move on then to stay and try fixing the problem. I also notice when people get back together after a broke up 8 out of 10 it works out as long as both party's have grown up abit.
I don't mean date someome after a few or even a year after a broke up. am talking after you both dated other people and had real time to let go of their past and mature a lot more. When i look back at who i was 2 years ago am ashamed of myself. So i feel like 90% of the reason people broke up is becuase your too immutre at the time or just dont wanna make a effeft to fix it.
I think i wake up to a song that fits this perfectly. Pss anyone that says you broke up for a few reason i known a few people who are happyly married to a ex now with girls becuase they took a chance to be hurt agin. pss i dont mean a guy that cheated on you 100 times or use to beat you.
Right from the start
You were a thief
You stole my heart
And I your willing victim
I let you see the parts of me
That weren't all that pretty
And with every touch you fixed them

Now you've been talking in your sleep, oh, oh
Things you never say to me, oh, oh
Tell me that you've had enough
Of our love, our love

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit's enough
Just a second we're not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again
It's in the stars
It's been written in the scars on our hearts
We're not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

I'm sorry I don't understand
Where all of this is coming from
I thought that we were fine
(Oh, we had everything)
Your head is running wild again
My dear we still have everythin'
And it's all in your mind
(Yeah, but this is happenin')

You've been havin' real bad dreams, oh, oh
You used to lie so close to me, oh, oh
There's nothing more than empty sheets
Between our love, our love
Oh, our love, our love


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  • I think because a lot of times it doesn't work out. I think it can work after a significant amount of time has passed. When people get back together too quickly they haven't had time to grow, so it doesn't work out. I don't live by that saying. I'd give my exes at least a second chance, even if its been years and I'm single at the time.

    • I argee and i think 2 years ir more is enough time

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    • no am not but 2 years ago people would tell me i was wrong for still having feeling for my ex and you can't be in a happy relationships if you still in love with a ex. It wss a forced break up parents didn't think i was good enough for her i only knownl a few people who been through this and it work out after time had passed. But mostly i once posted a question here amd the feed back was very bad even my current girlfriend says no matter how many years has passed a ex is a ex for a reason and you shouldn't date them agin. I was pretty surprised by this 1 side point of vriew from everyone but then i understand where they are coming from. One of my close friends use to break up with his girlfriend every week then get back together the same week. Do you wanna notice the 1 thing i notice about them? they always broke up for the same reason every time this went on for almost a year. So tbh i think with time once you have accpeted its over and le5 go of the past it can work outl

    • Like for me my very first ex was my first gd and i come to accpeted the fact I'll always will be in love with her she has a place in my heart. but things smiplely0 wasn't ment to be or we 1 day you never known what could happen in the future. This does not mean i would date her if she asked me in the future or wouldn't daye her. It just means i need to focus on the here and now and if something like tbat did happen be opened minded. Becuase its like you said i could miss out on something great

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  • I don't think it's that people are quitters (as you're implying), it's that through experience, we've seen couples that seem to bounce back and forth between dating/breaking up/dating in perpetuity. Have I seen couples where I think that they should have given things more of a chance? Yeah, I have... but I've seen the other situation way, way, way more often.

    The way I see it, the people who keep getting back together aren't brave and hopeful, but rather are people who are afraid to move on and maybe even are afraid to be alone.

    • i understand your point of vriew and i have stated no 3rd chance. So if a couple is go back and 4 like that then they shouldn't be dating and if you keep broking up every week then getting back together how will u have time to mature? my best friend use to break up with his girlfriend every other week them the next week be dating agin this went on for almost 7 months. But am not talking about people like that

    • But i truly do get your point but still feel people shouldn't quit too easlyly. I think people should try fixing it and if they can't then move on and maybe 2-6 years later if they happened to meet that ex agin and they matured then why not given it a 2rd chance? you known what i mean? i have friends that have broke up for such dumb ass reasons that it's crazy and i find people who broke uo 247 broke up for the same reason everytime. So that backs my theory that are not taking time away from that person

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