What's a great way of letting a girl know that she's attractive without telling her all the time?

I might've asked a question similar to this but I was wondering cause she's self conscious about the way she looks when really she looks great. So I was wondering if there was anyway to tell/show her. For example the way I touch her? Or more things I could say? Anything?


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  • dont look at other women while she's around. LOL

    sounds odd but really women are always comparing themselves to each other. that's why they get self concious. "do you think she's prettier than me" is all I ever hear from girls who have boyfriends. its a common thought for women to think they HAVE to be perfect in every way...physically..of course that's not right..but the damn media always gets us thinking that. eh. screw the media I say lol. id rather have a smart ugly girl than a good looking dumb one

    • Hmmm very true.

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    • Damn you're right. Yeah but I would never hurt her like that. Besides she's only self conscious about her body. It seems like she lost a decent amount of weight over a couple

      of months and I'm worried cause now it's like she's too skinny.

    • She feels like she has to be thin to be attractive just reassure her that like if you see another girl going down the street that's prettier that you don't even see the girl. lol. play dumb if you have to say like "what girl?" if she says something like "dont play dumb I know you see her" then just say the only girl I see and have eyes for is u

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  • girls love to hear that they are attractive but not things like "hot" but "beautiful" or "gorgeous" but if you really don't want to tell her then just hint at it, by saying things like "your hair looks really good today!" or "i like the way your shirt brings out your pretty ____eyes"

  • Something my boyfriend does sometimes is kind of really sweet; I am kind of self-conscious sometimes (but because of him, much less then I used to be). Sometimes he just stares at me with this really goofy smile. After a while I feel awkward, and I ask, "what?" and he replies "nothing, just you" or "nothing just admiring you". At first that was weird (actually it's still kind of weird), but it's started to make a difference in the way I look at myself. Good luck, it's cool that you care enough to try to make her see herself as you see her : )


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