What to do when you are unsure?

I'm dating this girl that is super amazing. She's a keeper 100%. Only thing is, is she is a senior and I am a sophomore. We are only 6 months apart. She is getting nervous and thinking about the future, thinking I'll just break up with her when she goes to college or I'll not be loyal etc. I have the same concerns but it doesn't bother me, because we both trust each other.
How can I convince her that I am not going to leave her?


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  • You can always remind her that you can still see her and hang out with her when she's in college. She won't be just abandoned! You have to sound confident about it. My own boyfriend had to convince me that things would be fine after he was going to go study in a different country for college. And here we are, almost 3 years later and we're still together :) Tell her to trust you, that you aren't just going to sit back and lose her.


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