Is my ex trying to hurt me?

Hey there, I'll try to make it quick. Been with my ex for a year, broke up on Halloween last year. Seen each other every other day after that, for two months. Then new year, he flirted in front of me with another girl, sat on her lap all that. After that, I refused to see him. One month down the line, he contacts me. Again started to see each other, mainly for sex, although spending more time just being together as friends. Then stopped again, and started on July 2016. Seen each other 2-3 times a week until October 2016. He was moving out from neighbourhood in October, quite far away from me, so we agreed we won't see each other anymore. In September was his birthday, I wished him to have a good one, he offered to go to restaurant. Next day went to rollercoasters, spent loads of time together. He moved out and I never heard from him again. My birthday is in October, he always wishes everyone, as he's addicted to Facebook. No happy birthday from him. I was hurt, then thought it's alright, I can't expect anything from him. Two days ago, he wrote a big status update, that he's looking for a woman. All his criteria listed and that. I spoke with some people who are older than me (I'm 24) they were shocked by his actions. They said he's probably trying to hurt me, as he knows I could read his status. I don't understand if it could be the case. Could you help me to make sense? I just need people to tell me what they think. I can answer your questions if you have any. Thanks for your time reading it. 😘😘
Is my ex trying to hurt me?
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