My ex girlfriend contacted after no contact why?

I dated this gorgeous girl for almost 2 year's. We were best friends first. And then. lovers and still were best friends.

So she started working 7 days a week few months ago. It went down hill. She was out with her friend from work all the time female one. We broke up. We had a very romantic relationship.

She kept saying she was busy. So I went no contact for over a month. Then she tries calling I don't amswer.

Then few weeks later she tries again and says she. misses me. And loved all we had she mentioned the great sex to.

So I talk to her and she asks to meet up. She buys me dinner and drinks was nice seeing her. She gives me big kiss on the lips and again mentioned sex. I don't sleep with her.

So she asks to see me again. I'm in love with her still. And feel deep for her.

I'm not sure if she's dating.

So we go to a concert together and is great night. She kisses me and gives me big hug when she leaves.

I want her back as I still have feelings for her.

She tells me it's hard not to care for me. I'm. Think we are just friends which is weird. She says she still cares.

I'm not sure Where do I go from here?


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  • If she's around your age, she's looking for a wallet to settle for. I mean, 'settle down with'. She knows her best days are a few years back, and she wants to lock down a retirement plan. The standard Female Retirement Plan is: "After you've 'had your fun' riding as many cocks as you can from 14-26, find a chump who will support you and buy the lie that "the past doesn't matter", let him put a ring on you, whelp out a couple of meal tickets (children), stick around until you've reached the point where you'll get the maximum payout and then initial divorce. Don't forget to cut off sex, gain weight, and chop your hair short. And it's practically mandatory that prior to the divorce, you lose weight, start actually putting time into your appearance, and find another guy to fuck. Bonus points if you can get your soon-to-be-ex locked up on false accusations. Don't forget to weaponize the children against him."

    You said she was out partying with her female friend from work while you were still together... I guarantee you, 100%, she fucked several other guys during that time.

    The smartest course of action here is to continue to not answer when she calls. Don't respond to texts, either. Eventually she'll look elsewhere for a chump that will wife her up.

  • end does mean end, life is in cycles

  • Keep things simple... just move on.


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