Girl Cheated me don't know how to react?

I have a girlfriend who had x boyfriend
After I met her, she stopped texting him and and was not in contact with him but I had doubt on her and I caught her some times and thought she is still having contact with him, but later after so many promise and all she stopped

Now I found her texting with her x boyfriend again and saw mess telling she is still waiting for him

This is not the matter
I was shocked to see that she was in relationship wit some one more guy one of our college senior after seeing message it sounded like she even has physical relationship with him.

I'm not getting what to do
I loved her more than anything I lost all my friends spend all my time money for her almost 6 year

I want to take revenge for that how should I do that please help me
And I have not spoke to her about this

Please help
what I have lost is worth of taking revenge
She has played with my feelings
I had gone to suicide sometimes when I fought with her
I loved her more than my life
I talked to her about the messages which she had sent
She told me she was just flirting with him
I don't know weather to believe her or not


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  • Just walk away. It's not worth the hassle. Revenge is not a good thing. It will make you a bitter person.

    Don't want to sound harsh but learn from this. If you are just 21yo then you still have your whole life to live. Learn from this experience and don't allow yourself to get into this position again.

    With revenge -
    Where do you start and where does it end?
    What are you going to achieve?
    Last thing to think about, is it legal?

    • But what I have lost is worth of taking revenge
      She has played with my feelings
      I had gone to suicide sometimes when I fought with her
      I loved her more than my life

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  • Ok so here is hiw you shouldget revenge... in ypur case get some screen shots of the texts you found, go to her college and spread the word by dumping her in front of everyone and exposing her in front of everyone... That way the whole college will know what a hoe she is... and the hate and shame that she will receive is your revenge...

    I hate cheaters and they deserve worst



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  • Don't believe her, your instincts were pointing you towards the girl she was this entire time, but you ignored them because even though you had doubts about it, you still trusted her in your own way. This happens all the time man, relationships are almost never equal love wise you loved her more you wanted this more you are feeling this way more. be careful who you put Faith in its easier to want revenge, to be bitter than to just accept you let your guard down for someone who didn't value you or love you the way you did them... But what about your soul? Will it make the emptiness go away? Will it take back what she had done? Will it fix anything? Anything at all? Probably not its still going to hurt your still going to love somebody who didn't love you as much as you did them. She took enough from you don't allow her to change who you are by taking the revenge route! Let her continue to be the selfish fucking bitch she is while you grow as a person sometimes we just have to deal with things that are uncomfortable, changes we don't want to make.. Having the person we use to talk to every single day just disappear and it sucks, it really hurts... Just never forget why it hurts best of luck too you my friend remember who you are, and your better than this, you deserved better than this.

  • Revenge is not worth it. She wasn't worth it. And you have to understand something. This was partially your fault as well. You knew that she was still talking to her ex when you met her. That was a red flag. How could you not miss that? You had your doubts. And doubts was a very clear sign. That was your fault. She did not move on, and didn't know what she wanted. And when your dealing with people like that, its time to move on. You DON't get into a relationship with them in that way.

    She used you, but you let her. So if you take revenge out on her, your only hurting yourself. How can you hurt somebody you love, even if she showed that she didn't love you? You can't payback evil with evil. But with love and light. Does it mean that you take her back? Absolutely not. You just find somebody else and go about your life. Because she in the end will have no choice but to do the same, without you.

    • Huhh typical girl blaming men for someone else's choices... Typical!!

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    • either you were just lusting*

    • Apologies @Asker. Meant to say @singlebee.

      The point is the @Asker should have saw this before. The moment you see a red flag you either confront it or end it. you don't stay in a relationship with someone who is uncertain and miserable.

  • don't take revenge because karma always comes and bites you in the ass. just simply be happy and show her that your happier then you ever were and it'll kill her

  • Revenge won't change anything. Just be like, bitch bye. (Walk away). You and her are done. If she tries to apologize or whatever, don't forgive her. She'll just think you're easy to fool and can cheat on you again.


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