Girl Cheated me don't know how to react?

I have a girlfriend who had x boyfriend
After I met her, she stopped texting him and and was not in contact with him but I had doubt on her and I caught her some times and thought she is still having contact with him, but later after so many promise and all she stopped

Now I found her texting with her x boyfriend again and saw mess telling she is still waiting for him

This is not the matter
I was shocked to see that she was in relationship wit some one more guy one of our college senior after seeing message it sounded like she even has physical relationship with him.

I'm not getting what to do
I loved her more than anything I lost all my friends spend all my time money for her almost 6 year

I want to take revenge for that how should I do that please help me
And I have not spoke to her about this

Please help
+1 y
what I have lost is worth of taking revenge
She has played with my feelings
I had gone to suicide sometimes when I fought with her
I loved her more than my life
+1 y
I talked to her about the messages which she had sent
She told me she was just flirting with him
I don't know weather to believe her or not
Girl Cheated me don't know how to react?
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