Ex keep writing me?

well, ex guy who i happen to date for 2 years and then 4 years of long distant relations (met twice a year), in may 2016 he openly posted a pictures with his new girlfriend and so he bacame an ex for as to that moment i met a new guy and dated him too, but i didn't show any photos of him, so he probably,. doesn't know i met someone...
and so ex wrote me in August, wanted to meet, but then said, he too busy with work to travel... ok.
and second wrote a week ago asked if i need any help from him.
Why he keep writing me, if he clearly date another girl now, not even trying to hide it... what he wants from me?
Do u think he still think i wait for him and still single?
should i post also some pics with my new bae to show him i am not single and dont wait for him?
Ex keep writing me?
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