Jealous mother - why?

Trying to figure this out from a woman's/girl's perspective - my mother has essentially always been very jealous of my escapades with girls (or any interest in girls for that matter). She divorced my dad when I was young, and I resemble him a lot so I think not being able to deal with that breakup she ended up projecting some of what she wanted from him onto me.
My question there is how does something like that happen - how can a grown fully capable and independent woman fall so low as to mix up her son with her husband (end result being psychological abuse). Women in general seem to trust their feelings even if the result is plainly wrong, so I'm trying to understand is this common, and how does a woman justify it to herself - especially when abusing her own child?
Found it - for anyone wondering (and of divorced parents in general), have a look at mkg4583. wordpress. com/2009/09/09/%E2%80%9Cthe-medea-complex-and-the-parental-alienation-syndrome-when-mothers-damage-their-daughter%E2%80%99s-ability-to-love-a-man%E2%80%9D/


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  • some women get psychologically disturbed that way. i'm not saying it's justified, but it does happen.

    for example: i am the one in the family who looks exactly like my mother. the way she behaves towards me is more like a love/hate relationship, but mostly hate. maybe she wishes that she could have lived through me, or she wishes she had lived more like i had. i knew there was something really wrong one day when the pizza man stopped by. he said that we looked like twins. after he left, she turned to me and said "don't be jealous because i'm pretty." craziest thing she ever did. i think your mom might need therapy.


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  • I have this also at home but not with women but with getting in an adult argument. I will be mixed up with my father. And you're adult so now you more likely to reflect your father because you grown and he was also (he did not looked like an 14yrs old child or he did?).

    My awnser to this is; you can not do anything against it but SHE should know whem to stop with this. It's her taughts and problem.
    This is harsh but she should get something just ufcked up wrong as it sound to see that her instinct was wrong about something.


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